Automotive YouTube Advertising for Dealerships Customized by our In-House Production Team to Save you Money, Target the Right People & Drive Traffic to your Site!
Automotive SEO Strategy designed to Increase Organic Traffic through Enriched Content, Keyword-Based Metadata, Website Optimization, & much more!
We make it affordable to get high-quality, customizable ads for your dealership with an available vault of award-winning creative!
For the first time in Social Media, you can now tap into your customers Social Network and have them advertise for your dealership without ever having to boost a post.
About Us
Get in touch with a DyGen representative and find out how you can increase your bottom line with one phone call to the industry's leading automotive digital marketing agency.

DyGen Digital Marketing

A Digital Advertising Agency for car dealerships so unique Google did a case study on us. We’re "Tradigital," Boutique-Level and leading the industry to the future of automotive advertising.

No two dealerships are the same - Why should their digital advertising strategies be? At DyGen we create custom SEO, Online Video, Social Media, and SEM marketing strategies for Tier-3 automotive dealerships based on their unique sales data. The Result? A highly effective advertising strategy that helps you sell and service more cars.

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Old Fashioned Customer Service.

You don’t just get one account manager to talk to, you have an entire Dealer Care Team. Our teams are completely dealer-focused and each individual is Google, Bing, and YouTube certified.

A team of 4 individuals directly manage no more than 40 dealers. This allows us to follow through on the award-winning customer service promise that we make to each of our dealers.

Dealer Care Team at DyGen Digital for Automotive Paid Search & Video Advertising for car dealers



The highest partnership level any company can earn with Google comes with unique training, insights, and data benefits that we pass onto dealers to give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

PPC Paid-Search Automotive Advertising on Bing by DyGen Powered by Moore & Scarry


Our Bing Partnership gives dealers more benefits than those focusing 100% on Google. Data shows that incorporating Bing reduces overall cost-per-click and increases conversion rates for car dealerships.

Kenshoo Bid and Budget Management Platform for DyGen Pay-Per-Click Automotive Advertising


Trusted by Fortune 500 companies nationwide, Kenshoo is simply the best bid and budget management platform available, allowing us to execute customized KPR strategies in real-time to drive our dealer's results.