Transparent Reporting for Automotive SEO driven by data from top SEO tools for car dealerships


We pull data directly from Google and the Industry’s top 3rd-party tools to provide you with a data-driven, accurate and transparent SEO strategy.

Automotive SEO Strategy to generate car sales leads from DyGen powered by Moore & Scarry


SEO strategy focused on driving traffic to inventory & contact pages to generate leads through site optimization, enhanced metadata & custom content.

SEO Tasks for car dealerships clearly laid out in quarterly Search Engine Optimization plans


We provide you with Quarterly 30/90 Day plans so you know exactly when tasks will be completed and you have something you can hold us accountable to.


Working with DyGen’s Paid Search Team

The SEO Team works directly with your Paid-Search team to optimize existing pages or create new landing pages for your paid-search advertising campaigns to increase your quality score and drive traffic from top automotive search keywords.

Items included in
  • Site set up in Google Search Console, Google Analtyics, Google Tag Manager
  • Full site and page load time analysis, fixes and updates
  • Quarterly 30-90 day strategy and execution plans
  • 3 complete landing page designs or redesigns per quarter
  • Navigation and menu/ child page meta data updates
  • Content for all navigation and menu / child pages
  • Homepage content updates
  • Monthly blog posts
  • SiteMapping, SCHEMA Coding
  • Authority and Competitor Analysis
  • Review and updates of dyGen’s Paid Search landing pages
  • Ongoing work with your website provider to update all content and data

Did you know?

  • Google is going to index mobile first - Is your site completely mobile friendly?
  • A one second lag in page load increases your bounce rate by 10% on mobile devices.
  • Google’s Penguin Algorithm is operating in real-time now so if there’s any spammy SEO tactics, duplicated metadata or slow-loading pages on your site, it’s at risk of being penalized by Google.

Are you showing up for top automotive search queries? Is your site the best that it can be? Let DyGen help.

Automotive SEO Questions answered by DyGen for best optimization of your car dealership site

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