Why Choose DyGen for Automotive Digital Advertising through YouTube True-View Video
YouTube Video Advertising for Automotive Dealerships at DyGen Digital Marketing

YouTube Views are Rising

YouTube is the most influential automotive ad medium. In 2015 alone, YouTube Views increased by 44% while TV dropped by 10%.

Low Production Costs for YouTube Car Dealership Ads from DyGen Digital Marketing

Low Production Costs

Thousands of Pre-Roll Videos in our Video Vault can be quickly Customized for your Dealership.

Only Pay for Real Digital Marketing Results from Online Video Advertising at DyGen

Only Pay for Real Results

Only Target Customers in the Purchase Funnel and who watched your Entire Video Ad through True-View Automotive Advertising.

Low-Cost Online video Advertising for Automotive by DyGen Digital powered by Moore & Scarry

Online video is where your customers are.

Over 15% of the population has cut the cord to cable in favor of a medium where they an watch on-the-go and at their own schedule. It’s the most influential ad medium for car dealerships - Are you reaching these consumers?

Do More for Less with DyGen Tra-Digital Advertising

With DyGen’s TrueView Video Advertising you can reach car shoppers on YouTube who indicated through online search behavior that they are in the purchase funnel.

You only pay when a potential customer watched your entire TrueView ad. Customers must watch and be engaged with your automotive video for the entire 30 seconds of the ad or else you don’t pay!

YouTube Ad Creation for Car Dealerships from DyGen Digital Video Advertising Agency


DyGen’s video vault contains thousands of pre-production videos that can be customized at an extremely low cost. Even if you’re looking for more custom videos for automotive, our in-house production team and studio allows us to develop and customize innovative video ads for dealerships at a significantly reduced cost. In fact, our award-winning creative is one of the best in the industry.

Video Vault of Service and Car Review Footage Customizable for your Auto Dealership YouTube Ads
DyGen Automotive YouTube True-View Video Advertising Helps Drive Car Dealership Traffic

If you’re judging automotive online video advertising like Pay-Per- Click. While it’s delivered on a digital device, it’s consumed like traditional television.

TIP: Look at more important metrics like completed views, viewability, brand lift, audience targetability and view through conversions.

  • If you’re editing your current automotive TV spots to run on YouTube – there’s a lot more to it than that.
  • If you think it’s too expensive to run creative for your dealership.

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