Top Three Reasons to Choose DyGen for Automotive Digital Paid-Search Marketing
Automotive Pay-Per-Click Advertising Based on Actual Sales Data and Car Dealership Traffic Goals.


Automotive Pay-Per-Click Advertising Focused around your Actual Sales Data and Dealership Traffic Goals.

Reach Consumers at each of the 5 Unique Micro-Moments of Car Shopping with Custom Search Ads

Traffic for Less

Custom Search Ad Copy Designed Reach Consumers at each of the 5 Unique Micro-Moments of Car Shopping.

Get Answers to your Search Marketing Questions from DyGen’s Customer Care Team


A Certified Customer Care Team you can always reach to Get Answers to your Search Marketing Questions.

Strategy Tailored to Your Inventory and Sales Data

We look at your sales data in relation to your competitor’s and analyze your make/model market share to build a comprehensive search marketing strategy based on your dealership’s inventory data.

Under the Hood of DyGen’s Automotive Paid-Search Marketing Strategy

Example 2016 YTD Sales Data:

Do you know what Make/Models to advertise in what areas?

Do you know why?

Example Customized Geo Strategy:

Not Just Where, but why?

Dominate make/models in a zip?

Want to target a competitor?

Local Digital Marketing for Automotive Based on Regional Targeting Strategy for Paid Search

More Traffic for Less Money.

How? By reaching the consumer at each of the 5 micro-moments during the car shopping journey:

Which vehicle is best? / Is it right for me? / Can I afford it?
Where should I buy it? / Am I getting a deal?

Just like your dealership is different than your competitors, each customer searches differently. By creating unique display and remarketing ads as well as campaign types with customized ad copy, your dealership’s ads have higher engagement and conversion levels, effectively driving traffic to your website for less cost-per-click.

A Team You Can Reach at Any Time.

We want you to feel comfortable contacting your DyGen team whenever you have questions about automotive digital advertising. Each individual is certified in Google, Bing, YouTube, and can help answer any concerns you may have. Your customer care team includes a:

Digital Account Executive – The face of DyGen to your store. Focuses on dealer month and quarterly initiatives and formulates complete Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Account Architect – The mad genius behind the strategist who is actively optimizing keywords, ad groups, ad copy, device syndication and budgetary allocation

Quality Control Scientist – The analytical, “everything must be perfect” individual who daily checks for tracking issues, and any human or technical areas for improvement.

Copy Writers – Trained in Automotive specific advertising tactics, these creative types are here to help your ads stand out from all the other generic ads out there.

DyGen Digital Care Team led by a Google and Bing Certified Digital Account Executive


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DyGen Digital Care Team led by a Google and Bing Certified Digital Account Executive


You’ve never spoken with your SEM partner about Inventory and Car Sales

You’ve never seen your actual Google Adwords account

You don’t know how much budget goes towards each new car model and why

You’ve never thought about the consumer journey and how to target them

Your ads look like your competitors ads

You can’t get ahold of your SEM partner for 24 hours.