Get more leads for your dealership with Sparq social media advertising for automotive

Why it works

People love sharing life's big moments, and there's not many moments bigger than purchasing a new vehicle. The majority of your customers are going to post their new vehicle on social media, and many of them will do so while at your dealership. Sparq makes it easy for you to help the customer with this post while simultaneously generating free word of mouth social referrals for your store. It's a win-win situation for both your customer and your dealership.


Sparq will post automotive pictures, videos to generate leads from social for automotive


When a customer purchases a car, the salesperson uses the SPARQ app to take a photo or video. It’s then sent to the customer’s social timeline and shared with their network.

Customers will Share comment and engage with Sparq for free social advertising for car dealers


Your customer’s friends and family are engaged by using the SPARQ app to vote or comment and help them win prizes from your dealership. Each time your customer or a friend of your customer comments or shares the post, it's free advertising for your dealership to hundreds of un-tapped Social customers.

ncrease Social Media Engagement for automotive with Sparq social network advertising


New leads from your customers social friends who are in market are sent directly to your dealerships CRM too and directly to your sales person who sold that customer a vehicle. This is the power of Social Lead Generation through Word of Mouth Social Advertising.


Why It Works | 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than all other forms of marketing.

SPARQ cuts through the clutter of automotive social media to get to what works – word of mouth from your customers to their networks.

85% of fans of brands on Facebook recommend those brands to other friends and family.

78% trust peer recommendations.

79% of U.S. consumers who’ve “Liked” a brand on Facebook did so in order to receive discounts or other incentives.


Facebook Content

Get the right content to fit your dealership’s branding and generate the high quality leads that lead to real sales. DyGen’s Sparq team can handle everything from content calendars to full ad campaigns so you can relax knowing your branding on social media is not only done, it’s optimize to generate leads.

Our team can also handle your other social accounts, including cross ad posting from Facebook and Instagram to make your social campaigns run as smooth as possible.


You’re not updating your page on a regular basis. People want to see updated posts, they don't want to log on to a post that was 2 months ago

You’re oversharing. Posting way too much during the day will push people to either Unlike your Page or Hide your Posts

You’re not engaging with Fans on your page. You want to keep in constant contact with people who reach out to you.

Your page doesn’t generate any leads. You need to post things that will lead your fans to other places such as your website, events and your dealership.

Your customers are sharing their new vehicle on social media without mentioning your dealership or their experience.

Let our team help you get more leads and increase brand awareness! People love sharing life’s important moments. The majority of your customers are going to post their new vehicle on Facebook. Many of them while they are still at your dealership. SPARQ’s mobile application makes it easy for you to get involved when your customer shares their new purchase.

Utilizing your customer’s social network, SPARQ drives 1000’s of new leads each month from the friends and family of your customers. In fact, over 10,000 customers have shared their new vehicle using SPARQ!

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